Waitress wins Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant

Cocktail waitress Jamie Jungers took home $75,000 after being named the winner of the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, which took place Wednesday on the Howard Stern Show, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Dressed in a slinky, lingerie-style bikini, the golf great's bleached-blonde mistress beat out two other Tiger flames -- call girl Loredana Jolie Ferriolo and waitress Jaimee Grubbs -- who also appeared on the shock-jock's satellite radio show to compete for the title by donning skimpy outfits and telling love stories about Woods.

Jungers, 27, convinced Stern to name her the winner by telling how she met Woods while working as a hostess at a Las Vegas casino party in 2005.

She said Woods made his first move on her by sending someone to chat her up for him.

She said that although he got married only a couple of months before they met, Woods took her back to a mansion he was staying at in Vegas and they had sex the first night.

When she asked him how his wife was doing, he replied, "Good." Woods reportedly called her weird nicknames, like "little coffee cup" and "Jamie juices."

She also said that he only broke things off with her after she asked him to give her money.

According to Jungers, she was with Woods the night that his dad died in 2006. She claimed that he went to visit his father, Earl, in the hospital hours before he passed away. He then went to visit her and they had sex. She said she was in bed with him at about 2 or 3 a.m. when he got the call that his father died.

She described the moment as awkward.

As embarrassing as that claim was for Woods, the worst part of the show for the golfer was likely the graphic discussion of his sex habits. Stern repeatedly asked all the women about his tastes in lovemaking, and his penis size.

The ladies said he was carrying a driver, not a putter.

Ferriolo said that she did not have sex with Woods until the third date, and that he would spend tens of thousands of dollars to fly her around the country.

She also said that, on occasion, he liked to bring women into bed and have them have sex with each other while he sat by wearing a business suit. Also, when asked if her boobs were real, she said they were "real expensive."

In the end, Stern said he was taken by Jungers story, and that she was a "true mistress."

She got $75,000. Grubbs got $15,000 for second, and Ferriolo got $10,000 for third. The money was put up by the dating site, which arranges adulterous relationships.

"I'm so excited," Jungers said, according to a report in Sports Illustrated . "Yesterday was my birthday. I just feel blessed."