Energize your winterscape with these interior colors

If you’ve caught a bad case of the winter blues or feel less energized than you were on sunny summer days, inject bright and bold colors indoors to boost your mood and energy. Here are five eye-catching hues to use in your home.

Purple. Traditionally a royal color, purple exudes sophistication and style to the highest degree. Chosen as Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, a rich and deep hue like Ultra Violet is certainly an engaging and provocative color. It’s known to help soothe the mind and body, so try it in the bedroom, bath or living room. If painting an entire room purple sounds a bit too overwhelming, use it intentionally in small doses with bright pillows, interesting artwork or flashy pendant lighting.

Blue-gray. Seven leading paint manufacturers have chosen blue, gray or a mix of both for their 2018 color predictions. Blue-gray is traditionally seen in muted tones that reflect the sky and ocean, but can also go bright and bold towards bluer hues. By reflecting common colors found in Mother Nature, they all infuse a calming and elegant vibe indoors. Blue-gray hues can safely be used on an entire wall or door and pair well with a wide variety of other colors.

Deep red. If you’re not burnt out from Christmas red yet, consider using it all year round. It’s a passionate and romantic hue, ranging from burgundy to Benjamin Moore’s Caliente pick for 2018. Red is irresistibly energizing and adds undeniable warmth and charm to any space. Use it sparingly as an accent color in traditional rooms to enhance its intense effect.

Yellow. These hues are a welcome reminder of warmer days and inject a fun, playful vibe into every winter space. Wake up to a yellow headboard in the bedroom or add playful wallpaper to a dark room. This color is uplifting, confident and has an immediate mood boosting effect. If yellow is too bright for your taste, go for gold finishes to ring in the new year and add a touch of luxe.

White. For those who have set decluttering resolutions for 2018, white represents cleanliness. It’s a perfect color to use for a fresh start in the New Year. Even though it’s the brightest shade in the spectrum, a room washed in white can be remarkably relaxing. Create a serene retreat with white paint, layered textures and warm wood tones. If you’re starting to lean towards a more contemporary or minimalist look, adding white indoors will help you get started.