This 'Thinking Person's Mansion' Is Buried Under Tons of Dirt

  • mansion buried under dirt

    mansion buried under dirt

  • How would you make this home your own?

    How would you make this home your own?

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For those in love with earth-sheltered homes and in possession of an active imagination, there's a place in California where you can live out your wildest dreams. We've found a home just for you: It's listed for sale at $449,000 and located in Oakhurst, CA. There's only one final hurdle to leap: The structure is built and buried, but the interior is a blank canvas.

Yes. It's unfinished, but that's where a smart buyer steps in. Called a "Thinking Person's Mansion," this home needs a buyer to complete the interior spaces and finish the project.

Your new project takes place within a living space of 3,639 square feet encased in 10-inch-thick fireproof walls. The home also comes with a well and two 5,000-gallon storage tanks. If you install a few generators, you might be able to get this underground house off the grid.

However, if you'd rather stay within reach of the utility company, conduits are in place. The planned three-bedroom, earth-covered home sits on 105 acres. The seller began building the structure in 2007, and the listing says active permits are still in place and the project "can be completed without delay."

From the photos, you can see how the home was built. The structure was built first, and the earth and dirt were hauled over and around the home, integrating it into a manmade hill. The seller is apparently very "hands on" and would be available to field questions if you're interested in dreaming up a new life underground.