Dig These Dome Homes: 8 Geodesic Domes for Sale

  • Beulah, CO

    Beulah, CO

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    caledonia dome home

  • Geodesic Dome Home

    Geodesic Dome Home

Ever seen a geodesic home? These eye-catching homes don't use rectangular boards and right angles; instead, they use triangles and polygons for windows and other accents.

We spoke with Blair Wolfram -- dome designer, builder, and manufacturer, as well as the founder of Dome Inc. His Dayton, MN -- based company builds 15 to 20 domes per year, so he knows why dome homes are popular with buyers.

One large benefit? Wolfram explained dome-shaped homes are energy-efficient. A sphere-shaped home has a smaller surface area so it's much less likely to lose heat than a conventionally shaped home.

The designer said dome homes also tend to do well in areas with extreme weather thanks to their sturdy nature. Domes flourish around Florida's coastline, he said, because they can withstand a hurricane. And they were trendy in California for a while, for seismic reasons.

"You will see that the dome is by far the strongest shape when it comes to earthquakes," said David B. South, president of the Monolithic Dome Institute.

We shook up our listings to find eight quirky geodesic homes currently for sale:

12323 Itnyre Rd, Smithsburg, MD

Price: $499,000
Under the Dome: This home resembles a private resort. It sits on 7 acres, complete with a tennis court! The three-bedroom home also features a covered patio with solar panels and an in-ground pool. What more could you ask for?

-- -- --

45 Antelope Rd, Taylorsville, CA

Price: $399,000
Under the Dome: "Surrounded by Plumas National Forest, Genesee Valley is a quiet mountain retreat with a small, close community feel. Majestic mountains, trees and meadows surround this property," the listing states. Even the fireplace is geometric!

-- -- --

17 Carson Rd, Princeton, NJ

Price: $749,000
Under the Dome: Sitting on a peaceful 5 acres, this Princeton home offers privacy and space. Windows in geometric shapes are scattered throughout the home, allowing natural light to fill the dome. Complete with a spiral staircase, brick fireplace, and luxurious bathrooms, this home is a perfect getaway.

-- -- --

4962 N Creek Road, Beulah, CO 81023

Price: $225,000
Under the Dome: This home is unique not only in appearance, but also in location. It sits on 10 acres of wooded property featuring the best of Rocky Mountain wildlife. As the property listing explains, "lots of birds … deer, [and] wild turkeys" roam through the land, which is also perfect for hiking or hunting. There's a barn with a stall and tack room. It's perfect for the outdoor adventurer who happens to appreciate dome homes.

-- -- --

174 Lake Ave, Island Heights, NJ 08732

Price: $325,000
Under the Dome: This custom-built home was recently upgraded to include "new granite counter tops in kitchen and newly faced cabinets." It also features a one-bedroom mother-in-law unit with a kitchen, living room, and basement.

-- -- --

884 N Military Rd, Winlock, WA

Price: $754,000
Under the Dome: On 6 acres, this dome home is perfect for the artsy buyer. It is "located between four gems: Portland and Seattle International Airports, the Pacific Ocean, and the Cascade Mountains." It comes with a garage loft that can be converted into an artist studio or getaway. Far from any neighbors and surrounded by wildlife, this is one sweet sanctuary.

-- -- --

642 Sylvan Ct, Caledonia, NY 14423

Price: $280,000
Under the Dome: Complete with a two-and-a-half-car garage, game room, and workshop, this dome home is perfect for those who enjoy the feeling of vacationing without leaving home. The three-bedroom dwelling also boasts a large kitchen with custom cabinetry and "a beautifully landscaped yard, with a heated above-ground pool and a large deck."

-- -- --

49 Shongum Rd, Randolph, NJ

Price: $495,900
Under the Dome: One of the largest homes we found, it measures 3,500 square feet and has five bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. Featuring cathedral ceilings, a fireplace, a whirlpool bath, and 11 total rooms with orange accent walls throughout, this New Jersey dome home is a dream come true.