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7 Kitchen Gadgets for Really Lazy People

  • Because twirling that cone can be exhausting ... said no one ever.

    Because twirling that cone can be exhausting ... said no one ever.

  • If you can't stir your own coffee, you definitely shouldn't consider decaf.

    If you can't stir your own coffee, you definitely shouldn't consider decaf.

  • Make mincemeat of those garlic cloves.

    Make mincemeat of those garlic cloves.

It's awfully nice to kick back and take a break every once in a while, right? But there's a big difference between finding an innovative device that saves you a little work in the kitchen and just being flat-out lazy.

While appliances like blenders and food processors cut down on precious prep time, other gadgets accomplish tasks we really ought to be doing ourselves.

Take a look at these kitchen gadgets for really lazy people to ask yourself just how far you'll go to make life a little bit easier.

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If eating ice cream is too arduous…

Does life have you pooped to the point that you can't even twist your wrist to lap up some ice cream? This motorized ice cream cone ($12.29, Perpetual Kid.com) does the job for you. It's just what we needed for the childhood obesity epidemic, right?

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If you're too weak to crack an egg…

Eggshells are just so impervious, aren't they? Which must be why you can buy an egg cracker ($5.99, Amazon.com), which gets the innards out with supposed ease. Unfortunately, reviewers say the device is a pain to clean, so you may not be saving much energy over just toughing it out and using your hands.

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If you can't stomach stirring coffee…

You probably need more than caffeine if you can't even stir your own coffee. But, in case you're really exhausted or all your spoons are in the dishwasher, consider this self-stirring coffee mug ($7.99, Amazon.com), which will blend in the cream and sugar for you. Try not to get hypnotized by that tornado in your mug.

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If you find twirling spaghetti tiring…

Can't shovel in that pasta fast enough? This hog-wild twirling spaghetti fork ($8.87, Amazon.com) makes it easier than ever to stuff your face without having to make any effort.

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If holding onions makes you cry…

In case you don't want to get your hands dirty by keeping an onion still, there's this onion holder ($7.99, Amazon.com), which promises to keep your digits free from that tear-inducing onion juice, while providing you with even slices. Doesn't it look a bit like the comb you used to perk up your perm in the 1980s?

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If mincing garlic is just too much…

Are you a stickler for uniformity and feel like you can never get garlic minced perfectly? We feel your pain! This garlic chopper ($9.77, Amazon.com) could save the day. You won't need to dirty your cutting board or a knife, but you will need to clean this intricate gadget. You'll have to decide if the trade-off is worth it.

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If you're sick of stirring pots…

If you just can't bring yourself to hover over a hot stove and move your arm in a circular motion, there's always this smart pot stirrer ($49.95, Etsy.com). Now if only someone else would scrub those spatters off the backsplash, you'd be all set.


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