How Much Do Movers Cost?



Question: How much do movers cost?

Answer: It depends.

Our pithy response doesn't help if you're stressed about the price tag associated with getting your stuff from one place to another. What are the main factors that have the average homeowner spending five figures on a move?

Statistics from Worldwide ERC show that the Moving Cost Calculator.

Besides the distance traveled, the main factor influencing the cost of your move is weight. Your mover should inspect your home prior to moving day and give you a weight estimate of the contents of your home. Movers charge by total weight being shipped and the more boxes you load on the truck, the more your move will cost. Make sure to tell your movers exactly what you'll be expecting them to move. Otherwise, your estimate will be out of whack.

You'll also need to consider how much you'll spend on rent a small truck of your own. However, your sanity may suffer if you're not prepared to juggle the real possibility of strained muscles and strained friendships.

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