Police and Law Enforcement

Attacks on police spur interest in San Antonio cop jobs

The national wave of attacks on cops and a surge in local crime are boosting police recruitment efforts in San Antonio, where the thin blue line has gotten thinner.

A San Antonio Police Department application drive last month drew 199 applicants. In June, just 53 showed up.

“Based on comments from some of the applicants, we definitely feel that the events in Dallas spurred people to come out and look into a career in law enforcement,” SAPD Sgt. Jesse Salame told Watchdog.org.

“Lots of applicants talked of applying because they wanted to serve their communities. We have not seen a shortage of interested candidates.”

Applications also jumped in Dallas, where Police Chief David Brown, in the wake of the July 7 assassination of five officers, called for protesters to apply to his department to “be part of the solution.”

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