Democratic Convention

Actress Rosario Dawson at DNC declares Hillary Clinton is "Not a Leader"

Actress speaks to Sanders delegates, supporters at DNC event


Actress and Bernie Sanders supporter Rosario Dawson says followers need to listen to the Vermont senator "and see how we can take this revolution to the next level."

Dawson spoke to a group of Sanders delegates at an event before the Democratic convention on Monday.

Dawson, an activist and actress who starred in the movie "Rent," said that it's important to make sure that liberal initiatives included in the Democrats' party platform are followed.

"Because we do understand especially in regards to someone like  Hillary Clinton, who I've said before, and I stand by, is not a leader, she's a follower," Dawson said.

"So, she follows public opinion on things. So if we stay strong on Universal Healthcare. If we stay strong on the fight for 15.  If we stay strong on all of these things, which is what this paper represents, our revolution is dependent on your time, your energy, your blood sweat and tears, your sweat equity, your persistence, your commitment, your dynamanism, you and us making waves together."

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She says if promises are not kept by Clinton in the first 100 days "then civil disobedience will follow."

Dawson opened for Sanders, who told supporters that they need to support presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump.

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