Tucker Carlson told viewers Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that when it comes to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, “he is running on something that is actually resonating.”

“I mean, the truth is, he is as unlikely a candidate, really, as Donald Trump,” Carlson, co-founder of ‘The Daily Caller’, said.

“[Sanders] is without charm. He is elderly. He is running on an economic program that is eighty years old and has proven not to work, and yet he is drawing crowds of people who know for a certainty that he is not going to win—and they’re coming out anyway.”

“It tells you the power of running on something in contrast to the sort of tepid identity politics campaign his opponent is running,” Carlson said, referring to Hillary Clinton.

Carlson said he believes Sanders will fare well no matter the outcome in the remaining primaries.

“I think he’s going to march into the Democratic convention in Philadelphia with momentum no matter what happens in the subsequent six or seven states,” he said.

“He is running on something that is actually resonating and he is going to extract eye teeth at that convention. There is no question about that.”