Nader's heir: Green Party candidate targets Hillary Clinton

A Green Party candidate hopes to derail Hillary Clinton's bid to become the first woman president by offering herself as a purer progressive alternative.

"It's a fallacy that Hillary Clinton is the lesser evil here," presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein told Rolling Stone. "Another Clinton in the White House is just going to fan the flames of the right-wing revolt."

Stein talks like the quintessential liberal activist when she criticizes Clinton, faulting the former secretary of state for supporting airstrikes in Syria and promising to implement a $15-per-hour minimum wage if elected. Her effort is the corollary to the bid of former Gov. Gary Johnson, R-N.M., to unite the Libertarian Party behind two former Republican governors, as polls show widespread dissatisfaction with the two-party system.

Stein is also trying to co-opt Clinton's political brand as a champion of women's rights. "When there's economic injustice, when there's racial injustice, when there's sexual violence, when there's health injustice, women are very vulnerable," she said. "We're vulnerable in part because we're busy taking care of young people, and we take care of our parents and our families and our communities… When there is injustice out there, it tends to flow in our direction."

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