Melania Trump describes Donald as one to 'bring America to next level'

'On the Record' interview, Part 1: The wife of Donald Trump tells Greta what life has been like on the campaign trail, sounds off on dealing with criticism of her husband, untrue stories about herself and more


The wife of billionaire businessman Donald Trump says her husband’s Republican presidential campaign has helped bring back enthusiasm to the country, one day after he won seven states on Super Tuesday.

Melania Trump told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in an exclusive “On The Record” interview Wednesday the campaign so far has been “very exciting,” especially seeing how her husband fires up crowds at numerous campaign stops. 

“It’s very exciting and amazing to see what’s going on, the people and the energy,” she said. “He brought back the enthusiasm back to the country, to do good, to have a dream.” 

The watch and jewelry designer told Van Susteren that she has disagreements with her husband, but they never argue or fight.

“We don’t have fights. We disagree but that’s ok. That’s very good in the relationship,” she said. “I’m with my own brains, he’s with his own brains. … I tell him my way and he accepts that, and I tell him what I think and he’s the same. He thinks what he thinks.”

When asked about some of the negative attention her husband receives from some members of the media, she said that may be because he's an “outsider.”

“He’s not part of Washington, he speaks his mind,” she said. “He doesn’t sweep under the rug. He’s not into just talking. He’s a doer, he gets the thing done.”

Trump added that that she never gets nervous for her husband when it comes to the Republican debates.

“I know him. I know he will be tough and smart and he’s quick on his feet, in his mind he’s very quick. I just think, ‘Do well. Be who you are,’” she said.