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Super Tuesday is underway and voters are casting their ballots in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia, among other states. Here are snapshots of quotes and special moments from across the country.

11:11 p.m.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won his first state in the presidential race, clinching the primary in Minnesota.

Rubio, who campaigned heavily in Minnesota, won 37 percent of the vote. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz came in second with 28 percent of the vote.

10:05 p.m.

Clinton wins Hispanic vote in Texas

Hillary Clinton wins the Hispanic vote in Texas, capturing 65 percent of the vote while Bernie Sanders won 34 percent, according to Fox News Exit Polls.

The Fox News exit polls showed that 28 percent of the Democratic electorate in Texas on Tuesday was Hispanic.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who is Cuban-American, barely won the Latino vote in his home state. 

According to the Fox News Exit Polls, Ted Cruz won 31 percent of the Hispanic vote while Donald Trump won 28 percent and Marco Rubio won 27 percent.

Among Republicans, 10 percent of the electorate in Texas were Latino, Fox News exit polls show.


In major boost, Ted Cruz wins his home state

In a crucial win for Ted Cruz, the conservative firebrand won his home state of Texas in the Super Tuesday contest, with 39.1 percent of the vote.

He beat Donald Trump, who was winning most of the Super Tuesday primaries, by 11 points.

A win in Texas, which has the largest number of delegates – 155 – of all the Super Tuesday states and doles them out at the congressional level, was seen as crucial to Cruz’s argument that he is the only GOP candidate who can truly compete with mogul Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

After Florida, Texas has the most Latinos who identify as Republicans or who vote for them. Almost 30 percent of the state’s eligible voters are Latinos.

9 p.m.

New Mexico Gov. Martinez won’t commit to voting for Trump

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez won’t say if she will vote for Donald Trump if he is the Republican presidential nominee.

But the chair of the Republican Governors Association and the nation’s only Latina governor said Tuesday she’s “certainly not” voting for Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Speaking to reporters after signing a bill that stiffens state drunken driving laws, Martinez said around 70 percent of GOP delegates are still up for grabs and she still has time to make a decision.


GOP primary drawing huge crowds in northern Texas

If North Texas is any indication, Republican voters were super-motivated on Super Tuesday.

North Texas precincts were scrambling to keep up with voters, and found themselves dealing with a first – a shortage of ballots, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Wade Emmert, chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, said 180,000 ballots were printed, many more than the 44,500 total ballots cast during the 2012 GOP primary in Dallas.

At least two polling places had run out of ballots.

No similar problems faced Democrats in North Texas.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominate on Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic presidential primary in Arkansas, where she once served as the state's first lady.

She has also won the Democratic primaries in Georgia, Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee, putting her ahead of her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has won the race in his home state of Vermont.

Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, served as governor of Arkansas before he was elected president in 1992.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continued his dominance on Super Tuesday, winning Virginia, Massachusetts and the southern states of Tennessee and Alabama.

The outcomes so far:

Trump has won:






Clinton has won:







Marco Rubio vows to fight to the end

As Super Tuesday voting was underway, Marco Rubio’s campaign fired off a fundraising email to his supporters.

In the email, the campaign said that no matter what the outcome of Tuesday’s primary contests: “This is going to be a long campaign, and we are NOT going to hand over our party to a dangerous con artist.”

The campaign says they have set a new goal of raising $400,000 by Saturday when the next four states vote. (Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine.)

“Marco’s message is ready to go national, and he’s the only one who can unify the party against Donald Trump,” the email said.  “Marco is not going to give up this fight -- he’ll do whatever it takes to stop Trump.”


Fox News projects Donald Trump has won Tennessee, Alabama and Massachusetts Primary elections.

Fox News projects Hillary Clinton has won Alabama and Tennessee Primary elections.


Bernie Sanders speaks at victory rally after winning the Democratic Primary in his home state of Vermont.

7:00 p.m.

Fox News projects Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton wins Georgia Republican Primary.

Trump and Clinton were declared the winners in Georgia.

Clinton won in Virginia, extending her lead over Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who won his home state of Vermont but risks a major setback if he has a poor showing in the rest of the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses.

Backed by black voters, Clinton aims for a sweep of Southern states holding primaries and polls showed her with a big advantage in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas. Sanders could only bank on the home-state win and both campaigns were vying for support in Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Oklahoma.

Read more here.

Fox News projects Hillary Clinton wins Virginia Democratic Primary.

Fox News projects Bernie Sanders wins Vermont Democratic Primary.


Clinton hoping for a Super Tuesday sweep

Hillary Clinton is hoping that Super Tuesday will be a Super Sweep for her.

Polls show her having a huge advantage in many of the southern states, especially those with significant African American populations. A large Latino turnout could be a big boost to the former secretary of state, who was a favorite of the electorate in 2008, when she competed for the Democratic nomination. Strong Latino support for Clinton in 2008 in both Texas and California helped her win those states.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is counting on a Super Tuesday win in his home state of Vermont. He and Clinton are competing for a strong showing in states such as Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Virginia.

"Let's see what voters decide in all these states that are lined up today and then we'll take stock after it's over," she told reporters, according to The Associated Press. "But I'm going to keep going. I've got a lot of work to do."


Marco Rubio tells “Con-ald” Trump he won’t dropout 

At a rally in Andover, Minnesota, Marco Rubio laughed at Donald Trump’s call for him to drop out of the race after Super Tuesday.

“I must laugh when I read that Donald Trump says after tonight Marco Rubio should drop out,” Rubio said. “I have a message for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump. Donald. Maybe we should call him “Con-ald” Trump. I have a message for him. I will campaign in all 50 states. I will get in my pickup truck and drive around this country if I have to before I allow the party of Lincoln and Reagan to fall into the hands of a con-man.”

Trump is leading in 10 of the 11 Super Tuesday contests where 595 delegates are up for grabs and has already won 3 of 4 contests in this primary season. Rubio, on the other hand, has yet to win a contest in this election, but he says he will not stop campaigning anytime soon.


Donald Trump responds to Hecklers with “Hispanics 4 Trump!” sign

Donald Trump was heckled by Hispanics in Kentucky and he responded by holding a giant sign that said he’s loved by the community.

During a 35-minute speech in Louisville on Tuesday, hecklers could be seen on camera marching throughout the room holding posters that read, ”They are NOT rapists,” an apparent reference to Trump’s controversial comments in June of 2015 about Mexican immigrants. Others held signs that read “Feel the Bern!”

At some point, Trump decided he had enough. In response to the hecklers, he pulled a sign from the crowd that read “Hispanics 4 Trump!”

“Get em’ out! Get em’ out of here! It’s incredible,” he said of the protesters. “Give me that sign. I want to see that sign. Get me that sign I want to see that sign.”

He held up the sign saying “Hispanics 4 Trump!” He nodded his head yes and said, “It’s true. It’s true.”

6 p.m.

A Chicago judge threw out a lawsuit against GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz that tried to remove him from the state ballot.

Cook County Circuit Judge Maureen Ward Kirby tossed a suit challenging Cruz’s eligibility for the Illinois ballot because he was born in Canada. Kirby ruled that the plaintiff, Chicago attorney Lawrence Joyce, did not properly file the petition to remove Cruz from the ballot.

Kirby said Joyce failed to give a copy of the petition to Cruz or state electoral board members, as required by Illinois law. Instead, Joyce served only lawyers representing Cruz and the board.

"I recognize that election decisions are of great importance to the public," the judge said. "But it's a matter of strict compliance."

5:37 p.m.

Ted Cruz votes for himself in Texas then calls on rivals to drop out of the race

Ted Cruz had a message for his GOP rivals on Tuesday: Get out of the race.

After voting for himself in his home state of Texas, the conservative firebrand said that his rival hangers-on were just strengthening mogul Donald Trump, who has won three primaries and is expected to win nearly all Super Tuesday states.

“What Donald is benefiting from is a fractured opposition,” he said, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“It is all about delegates,” he said.

Cruz believes that come Wednesday morning, he and Trump will be way ahead of the rest of the remaining GOP field in the number of delegates.

Cruz won in the Iowa caucus, and has come in third in the other early contests so far.

A win in Texas, which has the largest number of delegates – 155 – of all the Super Tuesday states and doles them out at the congressional level, would prompt Cruz to say that he is the only GOP candidate who can truly compete with Trump for the nomination.

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