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Hayes: Obama 'crazy to think' he can get beyond US sailor's detainment

18:46:38 It is crazy for .... playing national security. 18:47:18


"It is crazy for the president to think that he can get beyond this," Weekly Standard senior writer Stephen Hayes told viewers Tuesday on 'Special Report with Bret Baier', referring to the ten U.S. Navy sailors detained by Iran.

The incident occurred only hours before President Obama was to deliver his seventh State of the Union address.

Hayes said the news will become part of the national discussion in the future: "In this way it fits right into the critique the Republicans are making of this president. You have the White House saying it's not a hostile act."

“It fits this long pattern that we've seen from workplace violence to isolated extremist attacks: 'Al Qaeda on the run,' to the 'JV' squad,” Hayes said, quoting Obama’s past comments regarding terrorism.

The administration’s response to the sailors held by Iran "demonstrates how the White House is downplaying national security," Hayes said.