Clinton accepts Sanders apology for data breach

After her campaign called him "disappointing" and accusing him of "theft," Hillary Clinton accepted Bernie Sanders' apology for his campaign's illicit breach of data, during the Democratic debate on Saturday night.

"Not only do I apologize to Secretary Clinton, and I hope we can work together on this, but I want to apologize to my supporters. This is not the campaign we run, and if I find others, they will also be fired," Sanders said of the recent data breach accusation.

While the Sanders campaign admitted that the data breach last week did occur within their campaign, they claimed it was only possible because of a malfunction from the Democratic National Committee-contracted software company.

Though the Clinton campaign was not directly involved in the subsequent legal battle between the DNC and the Sanders campaign, they seized the opportunity to condemn the ethics and practices of the Vermont Senator. They raised funds off the breach and called it "totally unacceptable" and a "violation of the law."

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