Poll: Some GOP, Dems support bombing made-up country

A new poll released Friday suggests that some Democrats and Republicans support bombing Agrabah, the fictional city featured in Disney's "Aladdin."

According to Public Policy Polling, 30 percent of surveyed Republicans favor bombing Agrabah, the Middle East-inspired nation that is home to Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, magic carpets and genies.

Thirteen percent of Republican respondents to the survey said they did not favor bombing Agrabah, while 57 percent were not sure whether they wanted to level the land where it's "flat and immense, and the heat is intense."

Of the Republicans who support bombing Agrabah, 41 percent approve of Donald Trump, while only 9 percent of those who do not support bombing are Trump fans.

Democrats were not left out of this poll. It said19 percent of surveyed Dems support bombing the fake country, while 36 percent want to keep Agrabah as it is.

The poll comes a few days after a Republican debate that focused on national security.

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