Fox's Van Susteren calls out Sanders for 'hiding'

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren reacted to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' recent complaints about the news media by urging him to "give it a rest" about how the media isn't covering him, and said Sanders routinely ignores requests from Fox.

On her show Thursday, Van Susteren referred to a report in a Vermont newspaper that Sanders, who represents the state in the U.S. Senate, has been uncharacteristically withdrawn from local media ever since launching his presidential campaign.

The report said that Sanders, who previously was very available for local media, has gone mostly silent, even though his campaign sent out an email to supporters last week claiming that "big networks ... have barely discussed our campaign and the important issues we are bringing up."

"Not true," Van Susteren said. "We constantly ask your campaign for an interview but get a giant 'no.' And not only do we call you all the time, in just the last four months, we've made 19 interview requests in writing."

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