Why Trump would go down guns blazing

Presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday night he would not hesitate to use his own gun against any person who opened fire in public.

"If you look at California nobody had guns except the bad guys. If you had three or four people like me — I have the right to carry, I have a license to carry — if you had people like me in that room and somebody starts shooting, I guarantee you, we're going down shooting," Trump told ABC News' Barbara Walters in his interview as one of 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015.

The GOP front-runner, ranked second in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, said he carries a gun "a lot of the time" and believes allowing Americans to carry concealed guns makes the country a safer place since criminals will find a way to get illegal weapons.

The self-funded billionaire also touched on the success his campaign has seen in the six months since he announced his bid, but added that failing to secure the GOP nomination next year would mean he had "wasted his time."

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