Trump goes after Rand Paul: 'Is he going to be primaried?'

Donald Trump went after Sen. Rand Paul during a post-debate rally Wednesday, wondering if he's going to get a primary challenger and asking rhetorically, "What's he doing?"

The real estate mogul made the remark while talking about who was nice and who was not on the debate stage Tuesday night, pointing specifically to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Paul. Trump added that Paul is a "nasty guy." He made the comments to a crowd at an airplane hanger in Mesa, Ariz.

"Most of the people were nice to me last night. It was pretty good," Trump started. "I went in there saying, 'Boy this is going to be a tough evening,' because I heard all of them were going to come at me, right? Fourteen of them were going to be coming — I mean, I was prepared! But I said this could be unpleasant in front of millions of people. And out of the 14, you know, Jeb and I guess Rand Paul, who doesn't have a chance."

"I mean, what's he doing? By the way, what is Rand Paul doing?" Trump asked the crowd. "Whether you like his politics or not, his father had a certain spark, right? There's a little spark in there. Rand doesn't have that spark. Rand doesn't have that spark."

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