Paul goes there, hits Christie on Bridgegate

Sen. Rand Paul zinged New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday night for allowing his administration to close a bridge in an apparent attempt to retaliate against a Democratic mayor who didn't endorse Christie in the governor's race.

Christie has been dogged by that scandal for several months now, but none of his presidential opponents raised it in the debates until Paul did.

Christie has just finished explaining that he would set up a no-fly zone in Syria and attack Russian planes that dared to enter that zone. Paul responded by saying that policy is a recipe for World War III.

"Well, I think if you're in favor of World War III, I think you have your candidate," he said. "My goodness, what we want in a leader is someone with judgment, not someone who is so reckless as to stand on the stage and say, yes ... I'm going to shoot down Russia planes."

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