Pro-Clinton super PAC sends GOP Trump-inspired hats

A super PAC backing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is sending special Donald Trump-inspired hats to leading Republican candidates to bring attention to comments they have made on Muslims.

The group Correct the Record announced that it designed "individualized, logo-emblazoned signature Trump caps" featuring the Republican front-runner's signature motto "Make America Great Again," with a customized twist.

"The must-have fashion accessory of the GOP, as worn by Trump himself, has been personalized with the discriminatory proposals of his rivals who have proposed their own ideas for keeping tabs on Muslims in the United States and blocking those who want to come here," the description on the super PAC website reads.

For Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, his personalized hat features the words "Religious Test" embroidered onto it. The jab is in reference to the senator's comments in November where he suggested that Christian refugees, and not Muslim refugees, coming to the U.S. from conflict in the Middle East should be allowed to enter.

Courtesy of Correct the Record

"Now, I would note, the notion of a religious test, our immigration law for decades has included provisions focusing on religious persecution," Cruz later explained during an interview on NPR. "We have always had a religious test. And what is happening to the Christians by ISIS is qualitatively different. They are facing genocide in that ISIS is attempting to exterminate the Middle Eastern Christians in a way that is qualitatively different from other people."

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