Byron York: Cruz triples support in Iowa, dominates GOP race

A new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll, the most respected survey in Iowa politics, has Ted Cruz with a solid lead in the first-voting state. The Texas senator has 31 percent in the new survey, to Donald Trump's 21 percent, Ben Carson's 13 percent, Marco Rubio's 10 percent, and Jeb Bush's six percent.

In the last Register poll, in mid-October, Cruz was at 10 percent, meaning he has more than tripled his support in the last eight weeks.

"From the beginning of this campaign, we've talked about uniting courageous conservatives to reignite the promise of America and keep our nation safe," said Cruz Iowa State Director Bryan English in an email statement. "We have more work to do, but we can definitively say the message is working. We have the right candidate, motivated supporters and the financial strength to take us to the nomination and the White House."

The poll suggests Trump is in a holding pattern. He had 23 percent in an August Register poll, 19 percent in October, and has 21 percent now. He appears to be bouncing around in a limited range.

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