Chinese official: Internet is 'free through order'


The Chinese government "manages" content of the Internet, but does not censor it, a top Chinese official asserted on Wednesday.

"Freedom is our goal. Order is our means," said Lu Wei, the head of China's State Internet Information Office, according to comments published by the state-backed Xinhua news agency. "It is a misuse of words if you say 'content censorship.' But no censorship does not mean there is no management. The Chinese government learned how to manage the Internet from Western developed countries, we have not learned enough yet."

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to deliver the keynote at the the U.N.'s World Internet Conference, to be held in China, on Dec. 16. Lu, who is also expected to speak at the conference, claims it is expected to draw participants from more than 120 nations.

As to China's ban on certain foreign websites, Lu explained, "I, indeed, may choose who comes into my house. They can come if they are friends. ... We don't welcome those who earn China's money, take China's market, and then slander China."

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