Obama looks to sidestep Gitmo fight by transferring detainees


In the face of congressional objections to closing the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Obama administration is signaling that it might be trying its second-best option: moving the remaining prisoners overseas.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest underscored that strategy this week, pointing out that the Pentagon has signed off on transferring "more than 50" of the remaining 107 detainees and that negotiations are underway with various countries for placement.

"That means their case has been thoroughly reviewed by national security professionals and they have concluded that under the right set of circumstances, these individuals could be housed in other countries," Earnest said on Wednesday. He said that on the same day the Wall Street Journal reported that President Obama sent Pentagon planners back to the drawing board because their blueprint for closing Guantanamo and housing its remaining inmates on U.S. soil was too costly.

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