Christie's strong support in the Iowa GOP establishment

strong>WEST DES MOINES, IOWA--You may not think of Iowa when you think of Chris Christie. He's at 2 percent and 3 percent in the polls, definitely worse than he doing is in New Hampshire. Also, his northeastern brusqueness isn't seen as the best style for Midwest-Nice voters.

But he could do well in the February caucuses if the Iowa GOP establishment has any significant clout.

Longtime House Speaker Kraig Paulsen introduced Christie this morning at a gathering of rural electric cooperatives. No statewide Republicans have endorsed anyone, leaving Paulsen as probably the second-most prominent Iowa elected official (behind only Steve King) to have endorsed a candidate.

In addition to Paulsen, Christie has the backing of Ag-lobby honcho Bruce Rastetter and his crew of prominent Iowa Republican businessmen.

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