Harvard Law professor writes about allegedly racist black tape incident


A Harvard Law professor who says his photo was covered with black tape as part of a recent incident has written an op-ed for the New York Times that brings a different perspective to the situation.

Rather than jump on the band wagon and cry racism, professor Randall Kennedy writes that the motive was unclear.

"Perhaps the defacer is part of the law school community. But maybe not. Perhaps the defacer is white. But maybe not. Perhaps the taping is meant to convey anti-black contempt or hatred for the African-American professors," Kennedy wrote. "But maybe it was meant to protest the perceived marginalization of black professors, or was a hoax meant to look like a racial insult in order to provoke a crisis, or was a rebuke to those who have recently been taping over the law school's seal, which memorializes a family of slaveholders from colonial times."

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