WaPo columnist slams 'dry,' 'detached' Obama

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius asserted Wednesday that President Obama's seemingly nonchalant response to the rise of the Islamic State isn't part of some larger strategy, and instead reflects Obama's incompetence.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe Wednesday, Ignatius recalled when Obama infamously referred to the insurgent group as the "JV" of terrorist organizations.

"I think the 'JV' comments were a disastrous mistake. And both the president and his director of national intelligence said 'we underestimated ISIS,'" he said.

"That goes back now a year and a half. In the more recent period, what we have seen is the president looking at a bunch of things that aren't working very well, saying we're going to do the things that work and stop the things that don't work," he added. "It is his style to a fault to be dry and detached and if we have learned anything about the man in seven years, that is who he is."

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