How the Chicago protests could roil the 2016 race

Chicago is once again the scene of mass protests, this time the result of a video dramatically showing black teenager Laquan McDonald being fatally shot by the police. The officer, who shot McDonald 16 times, has been charged with first-degree murder.

That hasn't dampened either the anger in the black community or law enforcement concerns that police officers may be ambushed in retaliation as gang members seek to capitalize on the discord. The demonstrations have mostly been peaceful so far, though sometimes tense. One young protester was filmed staring down police officers, getting right in their faces and occasionally shouting, "Shoot me 16 times!"

Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel hasn't escaped scrutiny or blame. The former chief of staff to President Obama helped block the release of the video that showed crucial details about the shooting. "Rahm Emanuel's learning what happens when you ignore half the city," claims a headline in the Huffington Post.

Emanuel saw his popularity wane in minority precincts even as he won a second term as mayor earlier this year. "If voters had seen [the McDonald shooting video], he wouldn't have been re-elected," wrote Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass. "So it all worked out for him."

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