Trump's surprisingly Obama-like foreign policy


After seven years of President Obama's "leading from behind" approach to foreign policy, Republicans are ready for a commander in chief that will reassert U.S. global leadership. Or are they?

Ten weeks before the first votes of the presidential primary are cast in Iowa, Donald Trump continues to lead in the race for the GOP nomination. And beyond the billionaire businessman's bluster, exemplified by his vow to "bomb the shit out of" the Islamic State, is a candidate who sounds very much like Obama — and Sen. Rand Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican who also is running for president — and very little like a traditional, conservative hawk.

Obama often advocates for reducing the U.S. military footprint overseas so that Washington can focus on investing and rebuilding infrastructure "here at home." So does Trump. Paul regularly questions America's role as the West's global guarantor of security, urging a "noninterventionist" foreign policy tailored to homeland defense. So does Trump. Indeed, Trump has gone further than Obama or Paul in challenging the bipartisan consensus on foreign policy that has held since World War II.

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