Trump Draws 14,000 In Ohio

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump reportedly drewa crowd of 14,000 supporters in Columbus, Ohio, at the city’sconvention center Monday.

During his speech, Trump went after those who criticized himover previous remarks he made about Muslims living in Jersey Citywho celebrated terrorist attacks of 9/11 fourteen years ago.

“There were people that were very, very happyand those people — not good people. So, nobody,believed me…but fortunately somebody at TheWashington Post wrote that and they’ll try anddeny it and say, ‘Well we made amistake,’†Trump said

“I almost like that better. Then I can showyou how dishonest they all are. I might like that better. Let themsay that, but they’ll think of some reason todeny it. They’ll call it atypo.â€

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Trump went after fellowRepublican presidential candidate John Kasich, governor of Ohio.Even before Trump spoke to his Ohio supporters, he tweeted out,“Going to Ohio, home of one of the worstpresidential candidates in history–Kasich. Can’tdebate, loves #ObamaCare–dummy!”

“Your governor is only two [percent]. Whathappened?†Trump said at one point during his remarks.He added that he heard that Kasich, pronouncing the OhioRepublican’s name incorrectly as“Kas-itch,†is“dropping out.” The Enquirer reports Gov.Kasich refutes this claim.

Kasich deployed campaign surrogates and allies to attack the NewYork Real estate mogul Monday night, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Ohio state legislators andother allies of Kasich said that Trump’s“sometimes inflammatory statementsâ€and “attitude would make him a terrible worldleader.”