What Does It Mean When Trump Says Clinton Has No ‘Stamina’?

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump took an insultusually reserved for rival Jeb Bush and instead used it on HillaryClinton Sunday.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s“This Week,” Trump said Clinton is too low-energy to bepresident. Trump has, in the past, used the line successfullyagainst Bush and is hoping for similar effects against Clinton.

As president, Trump said, a person needs to deal with“very, very tough people.”

“They only understand strength. Theydon’t understand weakness,” Trump said.“Somebody like Jeb, and others that are running against me— and by the way Hillary is another one. I mean, Hillary is aperson who doesn’t have the strength or thestamina, in my opinion, to be president. Shedoesn’t have strength or stamina.She’s not a strong enough person to bepresident.”

Stephanopoulos pressed Trump about his criteria for defining“strength and stamina,” but Trump just repeated theline.

“We’re dealing with very —George, we’re dealing with very, very strongpeople. And you need strength and you need stamina,” he said.“Hillary does not have that.”

In the past, Trump has repeatedly accused both Bush and Ben Carson of being low energy, and not havingwhat it takes to be president.

In one instance, Trump referred to himself as “the Tom Brady of negotiators.” Hesaid Bush is “a very low-energy individual. Andif you’re dealing with China, these people sendin fierce, fierce negotiators. These are fierce people. And youknow, we don’t need low energy.â€

Trump also released a video on Instagram called “Wake Up Jeb Supporters,” whichripped Bush for being so low-energy that a woman at one of hiscampaign events fell asleep right behind him while he wasspeaking.

In the video released in September, the narrator asked,“Having trouble sleeping at night? Too muchenergy? Need some low energy? with the punch line“Jeb, for all your sleepingneeds.â€

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