O'Malley: 'Who the hell knows' if Obama responded to US fears about ISIS?

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley was pressed on Friday as to whether President Obama did a good job understanding the fears of Americans after the Islamic State's attack on Paris last week. His response: "Who the hell knows?"

In an interview with "Morning Joe," O'Malley was pushed on multiple fronts by National Journal columnist Ron Fournier over Obama's response to the situation during the G20 summit in Turkey. Fournier asked the 2016 hopeful if the president's criticism of Republicans while overseas was the right way to react, to which O'Malley agreed with the president actions.

"I think you have to push back," O'Malley said. "At times of phobia, when people are trying to — when people are trying to fan the fears and play the politics of fear, I think the president does have to push back. Yes."

"Did he do a good job of accepting people's fears, acknowledging their fears, or did he just dismiss their fears and move on?" Fournier asked.

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