Trump's latest radio ads highlight his promise to 'bomb the hell out of ISIS'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released a series of new radio advertisements Wednesday doubling down on his pledge to intensify America's bombing campaign against the Islamic State, as president, and avoid pandering to special interests during the presidential campaign.

The four newest ads are set to air in the three earliest voting states — Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — and come less than two weeks after the Republican hopeful launched the first couple ads of his $300,000 media buy in early November. Two of Trump's four newest ads are narrated by campaign staffers Sam Clovis and Louis Buck. Clovis is co-chair of the billionaire's national campaign operation while Buck is a New Hampshire voter and Trump supporter.

"With recent events putting an added emphasis on illegal immigration, homeland security, strengthening our military, and defeating ISIS, which have been cornerstones of Mr. Trump's campaign since its inception, the ads highlight his vision, leadership and competency," Trump's campaign said in a statement Wednesday.

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The first in the series of ads, titled "Dangerous," features Trump's response to the recent terror attacks in Paris, France and his promise to keep America safe.

"The tragic attacks in Paris prove once again that America needs to get tough on radical Islamic terrorism. President Obama and other politicians have consistently failed us," Trump says in the ad.

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