Rubio Chides Cruz On Voting Record In The Senate

Sen. Marco Rubio chided Sen. Ted Cruz on his voting record inthe Senate, accusing him of voting “on budges that have hurtthe military,” Israel, and our intelligence programs.

Appearing on The Hugh Hewitt Show on Wednesday, Rubio criticizedCruz for their “policydifferences” emphasizing Cruz working “withthe Democrats like Chuck Schumer and the ACLU to harm ourintelligence programs.” (RELATED: Rubio Blasts Obama: ‘Focuses On ThePetty Instead Of Being Presidential’[VIDEO])

Rubio explained, “There are policy differences between thecandidates. You know, Sen. Cruz over the last three years, issomeone that I like personally, we get along, we share a lot ofviews. On some of the defense issues, we’veparted ways on occasion.”

“I think this is his first few years in the Senate thathe’s been there, he’s votedon budgets that have hurt the military, he voted for a budget thatbasically gutted the foreign aid programs, particularly our defenseof the Israelis and the aid that we’ve providedthem. And he was part of that coalitionthat worked with the Democrats like Chuck Schumer and the ACLU toharm our intelligence programs.”

“And so Senator Cotton and I joined in today this effortare trying and get that reversed so that we can havethe meta data collection program reinstated for the long-term sothat this country does not lose a valuable tool in the War onTerror.”

The Cruz campaign has not responded to TheDC’s request fora response at time ofpublication​.

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