The GOP immigration debate is back

It was quickly overshadowed by the terrorist attacks in Paris, but a plan Ted Cruz unveiled last week was a sign that the 1990s Republican debate over legal immigration levels is back.

The latest sign, that is. Scott Walker implied he would view legal immigration through the prism of its impact on American workers, but was vague about what this meant about the number of newcomers admitted each year and was accused of talking out of both sides of his mouth. His campaign is already over.

Rick Santorum has expressly called for cutting legal immigration by 25 percent. But his 2016 presidential bid has so far gone nowhere, despite a narrow victory in the Iowa caucuses the last time around.

Perhaps this is evidence that cutting immigration is a losing issue for Republican presidential candidates, just as it failed to propel single-issue immigration restrictionist Tom Tancredo to the 2008 GOP nomination over Mr. Comprehensive Reform himself, John McCain.

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