Jindal campaign baffled by 2016 race

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his intention to exit the 2016 presidential race on Tuesday night, but his top aides said he began thinking of dropping out a few weeks ago.

Curt Anderson, Jindal's chief strategist, told reporters that the campaign ended, in part, because it did not have the cash. But the campaign also says it will not report any debt.

In a call with reporters, Jindal's top aides sounded baffled by the contours of the 2016 race.

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"If anybody on this call or if any of you know anyone who sort of predicted the way this campaign has gone with the two gentlemen who'd be in first place, you're smarter than anyone else in the world," Anderson said. "It's been a bizarre race. I don't know that any of us can explain it."

Jindal is the third governor from the Republican field to exit the race this year. Similar to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's failed campaign, Jindal invested much of his time stumping across Iowa. Timmy Teepell, Jindal's campaign manager, appeared to hint that the Hawkeye State may not have seen the last of Louisiana's governor.

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