Paris leaves U.S. editorial boards scrambling for answers

A series of deadly terrorist attacks last week has editorial boards in the United States scrambling for answers and solutions to an increasingly terrifying problem.

Islamic State-affiliated terrorists attacked Paris last Friday, killing 129 and wounding hundreds more. That same week, terrorists with ties to ISIS set off bombs in Beirut, killing 37 and injuring 181.

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Before that, a Russian jetliner was downed over the Sinai Peninsula, killing more than 220 passengers, and many suspect ISIS is responsible for that as well.

For the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, the answer to the rise of ISIS is an increased resolve within the military and intelligence communities to stamp out the insurgent terrorist group. For the New York Times, the Chicago-sun Times and the Los Angeles Times, it means guarding against succumbing to anti-Muslim sentiment.

The Washington Post's editorial took another approach, and warned against the danger of Americans elevating 2016 GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson to the Oval Office.

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