Clinton: Steve King's Cruz endorsement shows 'extreme and anti-immigrant' GOP


Hours after Iowa Rep. Steve King endorsed Ted Cruz for president, Hillary Clinton's campaign said the endorsement reflected anti-immigrant sentiment.

"Steve King's endorsement of Ted Cruz reflects how extreme and anti-immigrant today's Republican Party has become," Clintons Latino Outreach Director Lorella Praeli wrote. "No one should be proud to stand with a Congressman who believes that legalizing undocumented immigrants will 'destroy our Republic' and calls DREAMers 'deportables.'"

King, an influential Iowan representative, will likely play a large role in mobilizing voters to caucus for Cruz. While King endorsed Fred Thompson during the 2008 election, he refrained from endorsing anyone in 2012.

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Both Cruz and King have conservative views about immigration. In the House King has introduced legislation to close the "anchor baby" loophole and he does not support a path to citizenship. Similarly, Cruz does not support birthright citizenship or a pathway to citizenship for people that came to America illegally.

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