Syrian passport found amid scene of Paris attacks

A Syrian passport was discovered on the scene of the Paris attack for a refugee who was processed on the Greek Island of Leros, a Greek official said Saturday.

"We announce that the passport holder had passed from Leros on 03.10.2015 where identified based on EU rules, as decided at the Summit on the refugee issue," said Nikos Toskas, the Greek deputy minister of citizen protection, in a statement online.

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"We do not know if the passport was checked by other countries which are likely to be passed by the holder," he continued. "We will continue the painstaking and persistent effort under difficult circumstances to ensure the security of our country and Europe, insisting on complete identification of passing through the refugee stream."

Though the passport was reportedly found near the body of one of the gunman, there have been no confirmed reports on whether the passport holder was one of the attackers.

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