Trump: I am the most militaristic person on that stage

Donald Trump said Wednesday that his use of military force as president of the United States would far surpass any of his the GOP rivals, but he said he would use the military very selectively.

"I would say I'm the most militaristic person on the stage, but I would also say that I know when to do it, you know you saw that," Trump said on Morning Joe.

He was asked whether he identified more with Marco Rubio, who said during the fourth GOP debate that the U.S. needs to rebuild its military and be ready to use it, Rand Paul's call to avoid foreign entanglements.

"It depends of what were talking about it depends on where," Trump said. "You know, frankly, its a great expenditure because the more we spend it the less we have to use it. People look at us now as weak, bad leadership, a lot of bad things going."

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During the Tuesday night debate, Trump said he would refrain from arming Syrian rebels, and would support Vladimir Putin in his work combating the Islamic State, even though the U.S. has accused Putin of aiding Syria's Bashar Assad. Trump reiterated that statement on Tuesday morning, even though no other candidates agree with him, and claimed that "having Putin drop bombs on ISIS is a very positive thing, we don't have to do 100 percent of the bombing."

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