Ben Carson walks back opposition to minimum wage hike

Ben Carson toned down his opposition to raising the minimum wage overnight.

On Tuesday night's presidential debate stage, Carson explicitly ruled out any increase. On Wednesday, the retired neurosurgeon said he is still open to discussion. In May, Carson said he wanted to raise the minimum wage.

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"As I've looked at the data and I've talked to people, I'm still very open to talking to people, but it is very clear every time we raise the minimum wage we lose jobs," Carson told reporters in Virginia.

When asked if Carson's answer meant he was open to raising the minimum wage, the doctor responded that he thinks it's "worth hearing" the argument that it should be raised.

The doctor's latest remark stands in stark contrast to the answer he gave on Tuesday's debate stage, when he explicitly said, "I would not raise it." Six months ago, Carson said, "I think, probably, it should be higher than now."

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