Bryan Cranston: Trump a 'maverick' who's 'becoming a politician'

Actor Bryan Cranston said Thursday that it's "great" that Donald Trump is running for the White House, and also was glad that Sen. Bernie Sanders is running, which he said is injecting new ideas into the race.

"He's a maverick," Cranston told The Daily Beast. "He says what he wants to say, and it forces the other candidates to be more real, more honest and more open. That's what's getting through to the people — that this guy doesn't give a s--- and just says what he wants to say."

The "Breaking Bad" star appeared amazed that Trump's brash rhetorical style has struck such a nerve with prospective voters.

"If a sitting politician said the things he did, he'd have to resign," he said. "For him to say, 'I don't think John McCain is a hero. Personally, I like when my heroes don't get caught,' it's like, oh my god! Are you kidding me? How can you make a statement like that and not only survive, but thrive? It's amazing what he's done."

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