Rubio: Bush's attacks won't make me go negative

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio dismissed the criticism he's faced from fellow GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Wednesday, and said Bush's attacks won't change his own campaign strategy.

Rubio told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that the senator would not attack other Republicans on the campaign trail.

"I think they're running a campaign that has somehow concluded, Jeb, someone has told him, 'You got to attack Marco in order to win,'" Rubio said. "I don't agree."

"It's not going to change my campaign. I'm going to continue to run a positive message for America's future," he added. "If there are policy differences between them, we should discuss them and not just with Jeb but anybody on the field. But I'm not going to attack other Republicans ... we're doing Hillary Clinton's work for her."

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