JebCanFixIt.com is a website, but Jeb Bush doesn't own it

It looks like Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who announced Monday he is restarting his struggling campaign, may find difficulty in securing a website to match his new slogan.

A Texas man named Jimmy Flannigan registered the domain name "JebCanFixIt.com" on Thursday after he got word that Bush intended to use the slogan "Jeb Can Fix It." The slogan is similar to one Flannigan used for a 2014 campaign for Austin City Council, "Flannigan Can Fix It."

"Since it was so close to my own city council slogan, I couldn't pass up the chance to poke fun at the Gov. and show off my epic campaign video again," Flannigan said in an email to the Washington Examiner. "When I decided to use 'Flannigan Can Fix It' in my race last year, I didn't leak the line to the media before buying the domain name."

The website currently sports a logo on the top banner that reads "Jeb? 2016", a play off of Bush's actual campaign logo "Jeb! 2016." It sits beside another logo in the shape of a hammer with the words: "Flannigan Can Fix It!"

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