The end of China's one-child policy is more important than you think

As a child, I enjoyed reading the Shadow Children series of novels. The seven books describe a dystopian United States where it is illegal for families to have more than two children. If they do, the third child is executed by the government, along with their family and any accomplices.

Because the book was set in an unlikely future version of the U.S., I never thought such atrocities were possible in the real world. But similar atrocities have been taking place in China for the past 35 years.

Since the late 1970s, most pregnant Chinese women have been forced to have abortions if they already have one child. Women who aren't complicit in the extermination of their fetuses are physically forced into it, backed by law. Sometimes they are forcibly sterilized.

Hundreds of millions of unborn babies have been aborted. Thankfully, the policy that has done great harm to China and the rest of the world will soon be relaxed by the Communist government, which recently announced that it will soon change to a two-child policy. Progress, but far from ideal.

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