Video highlights lack of understanding of 'yes means yes' laws


In a new video, New York college students demonstrate the difficulty of living under a "yes means yes" or "affirmative consent" policy. Shelby Emmett of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education asked students what they thought of the policy, and their responses were telling.

College students in New York have to live by the government-mandated consent policy known as "yes means yes," or "affirmative consent." The policy states that students must get ongoing consent before and throughout each stage of sexual activity. Under these policies, sex basically becomes a question-and-answer session rather than a passionate activity, because participants must verbally ask each other (nonverbal cues are considered too ambiguous, even though the law doesn't explicitly forbid them) for permission at every step.

So a sexual encounter would begin with one person asking, "May I kiss you now?" with the other person saying "yes" and then asking if they may touch the other person in a particular place. Advocates insist it doesn't have to be this way, but with false accusations being regarded as acceptable, college students need to protect themselves.

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