Hugh Hewitt dismisses GOP complaints on 'gotcha' questions

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt rejected complaints from Republican candidates that they are facing "gotcha" questions in the debates, and said voters deserve to hear them respond to tough questions.

"I disagree with that," Hewitt said on CNN Friday morning, responding to a complaint from candidate Ben Carson. "Because debates are supposed to help Republican primary voters."

Most candidates complained that the questions they faced during Wednesday's CNBC debate were dismissive, biased and aimed at making the entire GOP field look weak. But Hewitt said the tough questions have given many of the candidates a chance to stand out, which will help voters.

"That means you need to see people who are put under stress, like Marco Rubio was put under stress, and shined," he said. "You need to see people like Ted Cruz, who did that extraordinary summation, repurposing, repackaging of all the attacks on the candidates."

"You need to see Chris Christie be funny with his rude joke, take over the debate with his fantasy football," he added.

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