Bush team thinks 'Marco is a risky bet'

Jeb Bush publicly debuted his rhetorical attacks on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio during Wednesday's debate, but the governor has privately stockpiled ammo against his protege for quite some time.

According to a leaked memo provided to Bush donors last weekend — later obtained by U.S. News — the governor's campaign wants to label Rubio as a perilous choice in the minds of GOP primary voters.

"No accomplishments, negating hit against Hillary Clinton," reads a page of the memo titled "Marco Is a Risky Bet." "Marco's 'tomorrow versus yesterday' argument will be widely ridiculed by media while running against 'first woman president.'"

The Bush team also highlighted that Rubio has "never been in charge of anything larger than two dozen people," has "no credible experience beyond government" and "those who have looked into Marco's background in the past have been concerned with what they have found."

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