Paul on GOP budget deal: 'It's a recipe for disaster'

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul claims he hasn't met a single Republican outside the beltway who supports lifting existing spending caps or giving President Obama unlimited borrowing power — two features in a bipartisan budget deal he's vowed to filibuster should it make it to the Senate.

"It's a rotten deal. It stinks, and I haven't met one Republican outside of Washington who thinks it's a good idea to give unlimited borrowing power to the president and bust the budget caps," Paul told Fox News Wednesday.

The Republican presidential hopeful told members of the press Tuesday, after arriving in Colorado for the third GOP debate, that he plans to do "everything in [his] power" to prevent the Senate from passing the agreement between the White House and Republican leaders which funds the government through September 2016 while increasing defense spending levels and raising the debt ceiling.

"I will filibuster and I will urge my colleagues to join my effort," Paul said.

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