GOP debate interest high during Carson-Trump fight

The third Republican debate Wednesday in Boulder, Colo., is likely to attract millions of right-leaning viewers, much like the previous two, according to a new poll.

A new Economist/YouGov poll taken between Oct. 23-27 shows virtually the same percentage of Republicans, 65 percent, plan to tune into the political spectacle Wednesday evening as did for the first two GOP debates. Meanwhile, 46 percent of Republicans claims they will tune in for the happy hour debate featuring candidates polling at less than 3 percent nationally.

Much of the sustained interest in the debates appears to stem from undecided Republican voters who still searching for a candidate they agree with on most issues. Nearly twice as many Republicans (66 percent) said voting for someone who "shares their views" is more important to them in the primaries than supporting a candidate based on his or her electability (29 percent).

Heading into the third debate, the fight against ISIS, President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and immigration reform are the top three issues most important to Republican voters as they decide whether to support the GOP nominee next November. Fifty percent or more also said they would take a candidate's position on guns, tax reform and Obamacare would be taken into serious consideration before casting their vote.

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