ESPN Radio Host Compares Tea Party Congressmen To ISIS [AUDIO]

ESPN Radio Host Compares Tea Party To ISIS (Getty Images)

ESPN Radio Host Compares Tea Party To ISIS (Getty Images)

During the Friday broadcast of his ESPN radioshow, Tony Kornheiser asked Huffington Post editorHoward Fineman if Tea Party congressmen are “like ISIS tryingto establish a Caliphate” in the House of Representatives,reports News Busters.

Fineman: The House needs adictatorial leader, or nothing will ever happen. And the Tea Partypeople understandably don’t like that. If theperson in charge is a moderate who doesn’t agreewith them politically. So, Paul Ryan has the kind ofconservative chops, where, he can sort of try to unify the wholeparty. But, he’s going to be spending all histime trying to deal with these Tea Party. People. Whathe’s probably going to have to do, if in fact hegets in. Is stage some kind of fight with them and defeat them, ortake away their power, and go after them. Idon’t know if he’s got theguts to do that. I don’t know ifhe’s got the numbers to do it.

Kornheiser: Are they like ISIS trying toestablish a Caliphate here?

Fineman: Yes, yes. That’sa very good analogy. Without the violence obviously, but yes, theyare a rejectionist front.

You can listen to the entire interview over at ESPN. Fineman’scomments begin at approximately 36 minutes.

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